Global Slovakia Academy is run by Global Slovakia NGO, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to researching and sharing culture, heritage and potential of Central Europe.

We provide cultural and educational programs that spotlight the region's rich heritage beyond facts and figures. Using the ancient art of storytelling, we distill the known and the unknown of Slovakia into its purest essence.

Global Slovakia NGO is a young and ambitious organization. 

We have already released three ground-breaking publications that gained national and international acclaim. We traveled across the world from the USA to Russia and from Slovakia to Egypt to represent the country that we proudly call our home to diverse audiences. In 2018 we traveled on the invitation of the Slovak President on a government delegation to New York and Chicago, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.

Over years and decades, we accumulated more stories, wisdom and material than we could fit into our books. That is why we founded Global Slovakia Academy.  

The purpose of this online learning platform is to help you discove Central Europe and Slavic culture, in a fun, entertaining and educational way. !

"This is a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with Slovak cultural heritage".

- Michaela Hasko

"I have learned so much from these courses. Thank you very much for everything you are doing to connect those of us with Slovak heritage to the culture of our ancestors."

-Rich Novotny

"These two young ladies at Global Slovakia have done some great work, that is enlightening, entertaining, and at the same time, very scholarly."

-Michal Kopanic

The creators behind Global Slovakia Project

Dr Zuzana Palovic and Dr Gabriela Bereghazyova are the creators of Global Slovakia NGO and Global Slovakia Academy

It is our honor, privilege and mission to help you discover more about our homeland.

Born behind the Iron Curtain, Zuzana’s family fled the communist regime as political refugees, before becoming naturalized citizens in Canada. Zuzana went on to study at top international institutions in the United States, the Netherlands and most recently in the United Kingdom, where she completed a PhD in Eastern European migration. Her work examines the critical cultural, emotional, mental and spiritual structures of Central Eastern Europe.

Gabriela was born in communist Czechoslovakia, grew up in the transitional Slovakia of the 1990s and witnessed the accession of her country into the European Union during her university years. With a background in traditional culture, customs and history, she has the tools to penetrate Slovakia's complicated past and present.Gabriela further explored the Slovak mindset in to the United Kingdom where she completed her doctorate specializing in corruption.

We merge our skillsets, experience and knowledge to create unique educational programs founded on rigorous academic research, yet presented as engaging stories.