Dear explorers of Slovakia,

Welcome to 'Slovakia: Beyond the Known'! A comprehensive 12-month program that combines several decades worth of research, authentic storytelling and a bottomless love of Slovakia.

This program, which was years in the making, is made accessible to you through four unique chapters. Each mirrors the four seasons, so as to always bring you fresh and timely content that is in sync with the cycle of life.

Our ancestors flowed with nature and its seasons, so why shouldn't we? On the first day of each month we will unveil new content, which will include - a video peak into the history of Slovakia, an article exploring its fascinating cultural heritage, a vignette that submerges below the surface of Slovak folklore, a seasonal authentic recipe and a virtual visit to one of the many treasure spots of Slovakia.

We invite you to dive into the known and the unknown of Slovakia to forever change the way you see the country in the very heart of Europe.

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